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Shenzhen Wisdom Light Co., Ltd.

LED volumetric troffers, LED linear strips kits for troffers, outdoor LED retrofit kits for MH fixtures, LED high bay...

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  • Phone: +86-755-22216523
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    2/F,Block A, New Zhongqiao Industrial Park, Baolong 6th Rd., Longgang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
Shenzhen Wisdom Light Co., Ltd. is an established LED lighting manufacturer that is well versed in the North American market. The company carries a range of UL/cUL/ETL/cETL/DLC certified LED luminaires developed for new construction, remodel and retrofit applications. These products include LED volumetric troffers, magnetic LED linear strips kits for fluorescent troffer fixtures, outdoor LED retrofit kits for MH fixtures, LED high bay lights, LED post tops, surface mount LED canopy lights, high power LED flood lights, LED vaportight lights and LED wall packs.

Built upon experience, technology and expertise, Wisdom has established an enviable reputation as a prominent manufacturer whose products provide not only exceptional performance and durability, but also remarkable economic benefits such as significant ROI in ongoing energy and maintenance savings, utility company rebates and tax incentives. Wisdom employees a team of outstanding professionals with a genuine passion for delivering cost effective, creative solid-state lighting solutions. Backed with full-scale manufacturing facilities that can quickly take a design to volume production, Wisdom can provide turnkey OEM/ODM solutions with a high level of customization competence, product development efficiency and large-scale production management.

In addition to its impressive product strength and manufacturing infrastructure, the consistency of product quality has long been a hallmark of Wisdom Light. The company operates an in-house testing facility equipped with integrating spheres, photometers, goniometers and other photometric equipment. Every component is built to withstand a series of thorough inspections and every fixture is tested, burned-in and fully operational prior to shipment. To address the market entry requirements in key markets, Wisdom's products undergo comprehensive testing and assessment under the most rigorous certification process (i.e. of North American standards).
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